Fife ‘A’ road named Scotland’s deadliest

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A new report has pinpointed the A909 between Burntisland and Kelty the highest-risk road in Scotland.

The report ‘How much do road crashes cost where you live?’ was carried out by the Road Safety Foundation as an analysis of the cost of crashes in the UK and took in the country’s complete road network.

The 14km A909 was measured as being Scotland’s most dangerous stretch in the report, with 11 ‘fatal and serious’ crashes taking place between 2011-13, giving it a ‘risk rating’ of 172.1 per cent.

In the report’s ‘Cost of Road Crashes’ table, Fife’s economic loss in total was measured at £94m.

Lord Whitty, Road Safety Foundation chairman, claims the pace of improvement on Great Britain’s ‘A’ roads is too slow, adding that it “has become eight times more risky than on motorways.”