Fife beach reopens after sewage leaks

Anstruther beach
Anstruther beach

Anstruther Beach has been reopened following sewage leaks.

Officers from Environmental Health, SEPA and Scottish Water attended a sewage contamination on Monday, April 16, and the beach, in the vicinity of Castle Street and Shore Street, was closed.

Locals and visitors to the area were warned to stay off the beach, with warning signs erected around the affected portion of beach and shoreline.

Following CCTV camera work and other investigations, the defective drainage was attributed to a local business.

The blockage in the pipe caused sewage to enter the beach area in limited quantities.

Scottish Water cleared the blockage and the contamination on the beach as a gesture of goodwill, and to reduce the risk to public health.

The beach was then reopened to the public on Wednesday.

However, on Friday, the beach was closed off again following another sewer leak.

An investigation was carried out and the problem was traced to a blockage at a sewer trap beside the beach.

This trap stops sewer gasses from building up in the network and going back into customer properties, causing odours.

Scottish Water carried out remedial works on Friday evening, and a new pipe was fitted to the discharging outlet. The beach was then reopened on Saturday.

Linda Turner, service manager, Environmental Health (Public Protection), said: “Scottish Water are currently carrying out more investigative works to establish where the original fault occurred.

“Partners will also be looking at a longer-term solution to this issue.

“The incident has involved a response from Environmental Health at Fife Council, Scottish Water as well as NHS Fife Public Health, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Food Standards Scotland and Health Protection Scotland.”