Fife cafe to close after 55 years

La Speranza on Kirkcaldy High Street, which will close on Wednesday October 4.
La Speranza on Kirkcaldy High Street, which will close on Wednesday October 4.

Bosses at a popular Fife cafe, one of the oldest in town, have said that it is to shut down.

La Speranza, in Kirkcaldy, posted the sad news on Facebook last night that it will close its doors for the last time on October 4.

The premises have been bought over and La Speranza has now begun to search for an alternative site.

Manager Charli Skinner said that while the property has been on sale for a long time, the news that La Speranza would mave to close down came as quite a shock.

“We’re a wee bit disappointed and shocked as well.

“We’re a bit taken aback. It’s been up for sale for a few years, but we thought maybe when it went someone would just lease it back to us, but the buyer doesn’t want a tenant.

“I don’t know what’s happening to the building I’ve no idea what their plans are or anything yet as he hasn’t come to speak to me yet.

“As far as I know it’s still going to be a cafe, but I could be wrong.

“It’s hard, and it’s sad, because it’s been here so long.

“La Speranza’s been in Kirkcaldy for 55 years.

“I think we’re the oldest cafe on the High Street.

“We’re not sure what’s next but I know we’ve to be out before October 4, which is next Wednesday.”

Charli said that as news spread, a lot of customers had expressed sadness at the closure.”

“We do have a lot of regular customers, they’re the ones I fee sorry for, they come in every day,” she added.

“We’re looking to stay in Kirkcaldy. Hopefully we’ll be back if I can find suitable premises.

“None of us have got jobs to go to.

“We haven’t had time to think about it.”