Fife campaigner's trip to A&E after dog attack

Who said the the current Scottish Parliamentary election campaign was lacking '˜bite'?

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 1:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 2:27 pm
Craig Walker out on the campaign trail

Certainly not one political activist in Fife this week, who was forced to make a dash to accident and emergency at the local hospital after being attacked by a dog ... for the second time in three days.

Craig Walker is no stranger to political canvassing, for the Glenrothes councillor usually takes the ‘lead’ when it comes to pounding the streets, posting leaflets and doorstepping voters in the hope of attracting their support at the ballot box.

But he was forced to ‘paws’ for thought and consider his injuries after being on the wrong end of a dog bite that left him with a nasty gash to a finger and the possibility of stitches.

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Craig has been left with a scar on his finger

“Despite having done this for years and having previous encounters with animals, it still came as a shock as you can imagine,” explained Craig, a member of SNP’s campaign team in the Glenrothes area.

“I got bitten whilst campaigning in Methil during the referendum in 2014 so know the risks.

“But this is certainly the worst injury and follows a narrow escape from a Leslie letterbox and another angry pet dog just three days before,” he added.

Because of the injury, Craig was forced to abandon fellow activists and head to the A & E department at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy to seek medical attention.

“The staff there were great and fixed me up, despite me bleeding all over the place.”

The injury came whilst canvassing in the Rimbleton area of the town, which just happens to be in the ward Craig represents as a councillor.

“Maybe it’s a warning, I don’t know,” joked Craig, who admitted he had now changed the way he posts his leaflets for fear of being the target for an angry canine for the third time. And he’s still a little hurt by the lack of compassion shown by fellow activists.

“Plenty asked me how the dog is and a few more have suggested it was just a ploy to get out of canvassing in favour of the football on television,” he laughed.

Craig has been left with a scar on his finger

“But with all my fingers still attached I’ve been back out on the campaign trail every night since, but I’ve made a mental note not to go near that house in future, that’s for sure.”