Fife communities dig in in a bid to have schools re-open

It's all hands to the playground as every possible effort is being made to re-open schools tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Fife Council resources at the moment are being concentrated on high school but huge efforts are also taking place to get as many primary schools as possible open.

No fixed decision on opening can be taken until later this afternoon and even then it may not be possible to have every school re-opened.

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In the meantime squads of snow clearers are out trying to clear access routes and car parks at schools in a bid to have as many as possible open from Monday.

Executive Director Carrie Lindsay, said: “We can’t thank people enough for the work they are putting in clearing snow around our schools so that our children can get back to their learning as soon as possible.

“We have plans in place for all schools to have a clear path and entrance for staff and pupils to access buildings on Monday.

“We also have plans for all secondary schools to have their bus parks and car parks cleared today (Sunday).

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“We’ve prioritised secondary schools due to the impending exams for our S4-6 students.

“While janitors will be working hard to clear these pathways for all schools they don’t have capacity to clear whole playgrounds or car parks in primary schools or Family Nurture Centres.

“We asked, therefore, if schools would like to rally their local community to help clear the snow.

“Some schools have already done this. Any help would be really appreciated and it would help get all our children back to school so much faster.

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“Getting children back to school is always the start of getting our communities back to some sort of normality; it lets parents get back to work and let’s us support our more vulnerable children and keep them safe.

“If you want to help we must stress that this is entirely at your own risk but any help would be greatly appreciated.

“Check out your school’s social media sites or websites to see what efforts are being coordinated in your area, wrap up well and bring your snow shovel. “

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