Fife community rallies round to help man in cancer battle

Brian and Linda
Brian and Linda

A Kirkcaldy community has once more rallied round in support of one of its own after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Friends and neighbours in Smeaton organised a march, led by a piper, around the streets near Brian Kerr’s home, on Tuesday evening, with around 60 people turning out.

Brian (48), of Cedar Avenue was diagnosed with mouth cancer in March after an ulcer failed to heal, despite antibiotics. He was then dealt the blow that it had spread to his chest.

Never one to be beaten Brian, known by his nickname Boris, took on the famous ‘I am the storm’ mantra, which has been adopted by friends for a fundraising page for Brian, his partner Linda McAndrew and their 10-year-old daughter Kameryn.

I am the Storm has already raised £4000 through fundraising including head shaves, tombolas a planned charity football match and ticket sales for a big event to take place in the Gunners Club on August 25.

The events have been organised by Vicki Lister, affectionately known as The Bra Lady after her ‘bra chain’ event held for another local woman, Angela Taylor, who was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago.

The couple with daughter Kameryn

The couple with daughter Kameryn

Vicki (35), of Chestnut Avenue, is a close friend of Brian’s partner Linda, and wanted to do what she could to help.

“After Brian was diagnosed lots of people came to me asking what we could do to help. Our main aim through I am the Storm is to raise people’s awareness of mouth cancer and the signs and to encourage them, if they have any doubts, to get checked out.

“The march was to let Brian see just how many people care for him and to let him know that we are all behind him and the family.

“When he saw how many people had come along he was really emotional, as we all were. He was due to have his last chemotherapy on Wednesday morning before having another scan to see what will happen next, so it was also about boosting his spirits before that.

It was great to see so many people coming along and more joined us along the way. The rain poured down about half way through, which was quite apt for the I am the Storm theme.

“Everyone loves Brian as he is the first to help other people in their time of need and we are raising the money to send the family on a nice holiday or to pay for whatever they need.”

To donate visit the I AM the Storm Facebook page for the link.