Fife Council carries out clean up to tackle Methil rat problem

Cllr O'Brien is delighted action has been taken. Pic: FPA.
Cllr O'Brien is delighted action has been taken. Pic: FPA.

Fife Council has carried out a clean-up of an area in Methil which has been blighted by rats.

Earlier this month, the Mail exposed the horrendous state of a bin area on Wellesley Road, Methil, which residents said was causing a rat infestation.

Euphemia Campbell even had to sleep in her living room because of the noise and smell caused by rats which had entered the property next door to hers.

And now, thanks to an appeal by residents and Councillor John O’Brien, Fife Council has removed piles of dumped rubbish from the bin area close to Mrs Campbell’s home in a bid to clear the rats.

David Paterson, area services manager for Levenmouth, explained that the council has taken a number of measures so far to keep the area clear.

He said the site is now almost clear of all of the rubbish which had been dumped, and after evidence was found of rats during test baiting, more traps will be put down in the area.

Mr Paterson explained that Fife Council is still looking for the owner of the land, and urged anyone with information to get in touch.

The work has been welcomed by Cllr O’Brien, who said: “I’m delighted that Fife Council has at last taken action here, and it has made such a difference already.

“We’re also hoping to get CCTV down there and locks on the bins so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

“As the local councillor, I am especially pleased for the local residents and traders down there who are the ones who have had to put up with this.”

Cllr O’Brien added: “I live locally so will be stopping by every day to keep an eye on the situation, and the community wardens will also be patrolling the area more frequently. They can issue on the spot fines so anyone caught dumping rubbish will pay the price.”