Fife Council plans to deal with collapsed wall in Kinglassie church yard

Kinglassie Parish Church
Kinglassie Parish Church

Fife Council has granted itself condition planing permission to deal with a partially collapsed listed retaining wall in the church yard of Kinglassie Parish Church.

The council will partially demolish the existing wall and construct a new 0.8m one directly to the south with an embankment formed between them.

It was considered this was the best way forward to preserve the character of the listed wall/graveyard and the setting of the listed church, negating the need for any exhumation.

It was also noted that whilst historic, the existing wall is not original and the proposed wall would more closely reflect the historic boundary of the graveyard.

This proposal will ensure that the wall and graveyard is preserved for future generations.

It was therefore deemed to comply with FIFEplan 2017 policies and other related guidance to be recommended for conditional approval.

No work will be able to begin until the terms of the consent granted has been given to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments for Scotland for its final approval.