Fife Council seeks parking enforcement powers

Fife Council staff could become the new ‘meanies’ of the streets next year if plans to allow them to become ‘traffic wardens’ gets the go-ahead.

Fife Council has asked for new powers from the Scottish Government to introduce decriminalised parking enforcement (DPE) which will allow Council staff to enforce on-street parking restrictions.

The proposed DPE scheme will involve the enforcement of all existing public parking and waiting regulations.

On-street parking is currently enforced by Fife Constabulary through Community Traffic Wardens, while the Council have responsibility for off-street parking. DPE will enable the management of parking to be coordinated through a single organisation. It will help to improve key traffic management issues, including reducing congestion, freeing up spaces for shoppers, making streets safer and safeguarding access for emergency services and bus companies.

Seven local councils in Scotland have already implemented DPE, including City of Edinburgh. Any potential additional income raised by the Council will be reinvested in traffic management and parking.

Cllr Tony Martin, chair of the transportation Committee, said enforcing parking restrictions is not a police priority.