Fife girl's message in a bottle found on Skye

Morgans message in a bottle travelled over 300km. (Pic: George McLuskie)Morgans message in a bottle travelled over 300km. (Pic: George McLuskie)
Morgans message in a bottle travelled over 300km. (Pic: George McLuskie)
A Leven girl did not expect her message in a bottle to ever be found when she dropped it into the water at Belfast in 2016.

But this week, after the bottle was dragged more than 300km north, eventually washing up on the Isle of Skye, nine-year-old Morgan McGhee received a reply.

Anne Turton, from Gargrave in North Yorkshire, had been holidaying on the island when she found the bottle near Lorgill.

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“We were out for a walk and were going along the beach, and we we’re just about to go up a cliff, and I just came upon it,” she explained.

“I saw it and thought ‘wow, a message in a bottle’.

“It made our holiday.

“You hear about a message in a bottle but you never think you’ll find one.”

Anne posted a picture of her find – a ticket to the Titanic Exhibition and a handwritten letter from Morgan – on Facebook and soon received a reply from Maureen White, Morgan’s mum.

Maureen said she received a message from a work colleague telling her about the Facebook post and that her daughter was “over the moon” when she heard her note had been received.

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“A friend messaged me on Tuesday evening to ask if it was my Morgan on the post,” she explained.

“I remembered her saying last year when she had visited Belfast that she had dropped a bottle in the water.

“She said that she had put in a note and her ticket from the Titanic Experience when they were waiting for the boat back to Scotland.

“She just wanted to see where it would go.

“When I showed her it was over the moon.

“She thought she’d be more famous than the Kardashians.

“I showed it to her dad and he was awestruck and I was actually quite emotional.

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“It’s amazing someone actually found it and posted it on Facebook.

“It was overwhelming to see it and I still can’t believe it.”

Morgan had been on holiday in Northern Ireland with family when she put the bottle to sea back in August 16, 2016.

Maureen described it as a “spur of the moment” decision.

It took nine months for the water bottle to reach Skye and for it to be found by Anne.

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Her post on Facebook was shared hundreds of times, including by people from the Leven area and friends of colleagues of Maureen.

She then got in contact with Anne and chatted with her about the amazing find.

“I contacted Anne through Facebook to thank her but she thanked me,” Maureen said.

“She was over the moon.

“She said it made her holiday – that they’d never expected to find anything like that.

“She asked me if we wanted it back but I told her it was hers to keep.”