Fife group bids to keep football drink ban in place

The sale of alcohol has been banned at football grounds for years
The sale of alcohol has been banned at football grounds for years

Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) has backed a letter signed by a number of groups which has expressed concern over a recent call to end the ban on the sale of alcohol at Scottish football grounds.

The letter, signed by Alcohol Focus Scotland, the British Medical Association Scotland, the Violence Reduction Unit, Zero Tolerance and other groups, was sent to all politicians and other interested parties, saying that there are broader implications involved which need to be considered.

The organisations are at the front line of health services, family support and reducing violence and believe that there are very important reasons to maintain the current arrangements for the control of alcohol availability at football grounds in Scotland.

All have expressed disappointment that there has been no public discussion with, or involvement of any of these organisations in the current consultations taking place.

A spokesman said: “These discussions need to go well beyond the world of football itself. This is not merely a matter of “consulting with the fans.”

“The impact of alcohol on health, family life, the workplace and personal safety goes much further and wider than those attending the game, and those hoping to profit from the sale of alcohol should not have the dominant voice in discussions.”

Jim Bett, Service Manager at Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) has also voiced his concern at the discussions currently taking place, saying: “We should be focusing our efforts on reducing the availability of alcohol to reduce consumption and harm, but we seem to be creating yet more opportunities to drink.

“At FASS, we believe that reversing this ban would be a backwards step and would create ever more work for police and hospitals.”