Fife growers hope new forum will bear fruit

Fife Fruit Forum
Fife Fruit Forum

A NEW group set up to raise awareness of fruit growing in Fife has held its inaugural meeting.

Members of the newly formed Fife Fruit Forum met at Elmwood Golf Course near Cupar.

Iain Hunter, a horticultural lecturer at Elmwood College, hosted the meeting and welcomed representatives from a range of organisations including the Forestry Commission, National Trust for Scotland and Centre for Stewardship at Falkland Palace, as well as a number of members of the public.

The group’s aim is to raise awareness of fruit growing within Fife and provide a forum for those interested in growing and processing fruit, either in an amateur or semi-commercial capacity.

As a result of the meeting a Facebook page has been set up to share ideas and provide a vehicle for discussion.

There are plans for a series of talks over the winter months on issues relating to fruit production.

Iain said: “I was greatly encouraged by the interest shown in the group and enjoyed the opportunity to share my passion for heritage fruit varieties and bringing ancient orchards back into production.”

Fife is ideal for fruit production due to its fertile soil and climatic conditions.

Many orchards have not been maintained in recent years, and the group hopes to play its part in rejuvenating orchards across Fife and encouraging more families to plant traditional varieties of fruit in their gardens.

Anyone who would like to find out more about Fife Fruit Forum should log on to