Fife House urged to sort out ‘loose ends’

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Fife Council has been urged to deal with a number of issues connected to planning consent and legal requirements with more urgency, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

A number of contentious issues relating to the legality as well as current and future planning consents relating to the Lomond Quarry in Leslie are still to be fully dealt with, he says.

Councillor Bill Kay has received a number of concerns expressed by local residents over the speed in which the various aspects are being handled.

The councillor, one of the four elected members who represents Ward 14, in which the Skene Group-owned quarry is in, is seeking reassurances from senior Fife House officials that all is being done that can be done in relation to an ongoing planning issue.

In correspondence to Jim Birrell, Development and Buildings Department he highlighted the two current applications regarding a change of operating hours at the Lomond Quarry.

Concerned that the application would not reach the Glenrothes Area Committee until at May 2012 at the earliest he wrote: “The fact that these applications are a repeat of a previous application already submitted to committee in 2005 I see no reason why a decision on this matter should be delayed for at least a further three months and would request that every effort be made to place these applications before committee urgently.”

In response, Mr Birrell confirmed he had asked for a “quick turnaround as all issues are well known”.

The councillor also highlighted the outstanding issues regarding the improvements required to the footways running alongside the Back Braes Road, and other works required to upgrade the road to comply with the Roads Construction Consent.

There is also growing concern amongst Leslie locals that there isn’t already enough adequate road crossing facilities close to the children’s playground.

Mr Kay also said there was a question mark as to whether or not the current arrangements for disbursing the £20,000 annual levy on the quarry to the village of Leslie are now satisfactory in the light of the 2007 changes to ward boundaries and suggested funds would better suited being directed to the Leslie Common Good Fund.

He said: “The funds are annual levy due for the accepted loss of amenity by the Leslie community, it is not a donation and should be decided upon independently in the interests of complete transparency.”