Fife Institute row widens: senior Labour councillor hits back at slur

A senior Labour councillor who voted to name the Fife Institute replacement ‘Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre’ has demanded an apology from an SNP councillor who attacked him over the naming issue.

Mark Hood, Labour’s senior finance spokesman, a family friend of the late Mr Woods, said he voted for the Woods option as part of the public consultation, but disagreed with the consultation results being ignored.

Engaged in a debate on a social networking site, Levenmouth’s SNP councillor David Alexander said: “Why are Labour councillors with no connection to Glenrothes getting involved in this? Because it’s a political campaign, nothing less. Mark Hood couldn’t give a t*** about the name. He thinks he can use it to score cheap political points. But of course he said he voted for the Michael Woods option. Anyone believe him?“

Cllr Hood said he has written to council officers asking them to confirm he had voted for the Michael Woods option.

He responded to the SNP councillor: “Once I have this information I will send it to you, I then in turn will expect a full public apology from you.”

When contacted by the Gazette, Cllr Alexander intimated that no apology would be forthcoming on the matter.