Fife is '˜happiest region in Scotland'

Fife has been named the happiest region in Scotland in a new report.
We wonder if the people of Lower Methil are some of the happy lot in Fife?We wonder if the people of Lower Methil are some of the happy lot in Fife?
We wonder if the people of Lower Methil are some of the happy lot in Fife?

The second annual Happiness Index from Bank of Scotland aims to quantify how happy people are in the communities in which they live.

It found the Kingdom of Fife made a notable improvement over the last 12 months to overtake the Highlands and be crowned the happiest area of Scotland. Overall, about two-fifths of Fifers said they were “very happy” living in their community, almost double last year’s 23 per cent.

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The region recorded a total happiness score of around +56, up from just over +35 last year and well above the 2016 Scotland average of +40.43.

The percentage of Fife residents saying they are unhappy living in their community fell to 7 per cent this year, with the bank suggesting this could be down to the fact it is the region most focused on spending time with family.

The Highlands is now the second happiest region despite recording an improved happiness score – up almost three points to +50.

Other figures show that Dundonians are the least happy living in their community, falling from a 2015 happiness score of +44 to +31 this year.

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The Central region is joint second-least happy, at +33, with North East Scotland.

Overall, however, Scots are generally happier than they were last year, with the happiness score up slightly on last year’s +39.02.

Further analysis shows that women are again happier than men, with both recording a slight improvement on last year.

Those aged 65 and over remain the happiest in Scotland, although there was a slight dip in their score compared to 2015. People in the 18-24 age bracket were found to be the least happy.

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Rachel Bright, Bank of Scotland’s head of customer service, said: “We published the results from our first Happiness Index just over a year ago, where the Highlands came out as Scotland’s happiest region.

“This year, Fife’s happiness score has increased over 20 points, putting them at the top of the Happiness Index and pushing the Highlands in to second place.”

The research was completed by YouGov and the findings are based on 3,056 online interviews.

Happiest by region:

1. Fife

2. Highlands & Islands

3. Mid-Scotland

4. South Scotland

5. Lothians

6. West Scotland

7. Aberdeen & surrounds

8. Glasgow

9. North East Scotland

10. Central 11. Dundee & surrounds