Fife man facing more than five years in jail for forcing woman to have sex with another man

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A Balmalcom man, who forced a woman to have hotel sex sessions with a man he found on the internet, made her film their romps then sent the videos to her family as they sat down to her Christmas dinner, is facing more than five years in jail, a court heard today (Thursday).

Clive Weatherhogg set up a series of hotel sex sessions for the woman and Edward Amobi, who he found through a website, over the course of a year.

He made a string of extraordinary demands - including asking to be in the room tied to a chair while they had sex and telling Amobi to buy a male chastity device and have it sent to Weatherhogg for him to wear.

He then made the pair film their sessions when they refused to let him be in the room or live stream it over the internet.

Weatherhogg later uploaded a video of the pair having sex to blogging website Tumblr and sent it to the victim’s sister as she, the victim, and their entire family sat down to their Christmas dinner on December 25, 2014.

The 42-year-old was found guilty by a jury of charges of co-ercing the woman into having sex with Mr Amobi and sending the revenge porn video.

A sheriff today remitted the case to the High Court for sentencing and said his five year maximum sentencing power was not enough.

The court earlier heard the maximum sentence for Weatherhogg’s crime is life imprisonment.

Weatherhogg denied on indictment three charges under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act.

However, a jury of nine men and six women took 95 minutes to find him guilty of the co-ercion charge by majority and the revenge porn charges unanimously following a five-day trial.

At the close of the evidence Weatherhogg admitted a charge of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.

Sheriff George Way remitted the case to the High Court for sentencing and kept his name on the sex offenders register.

He said: “The first charge is directed at physical activity that involves both the degradation of the victim and to some extent of Mr Amobi, who may have been a willing participant but didn’t expect to be outed to his wife.

“The other charges all have different locations and are directed at different people at different times.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that these charges might merit a sentence in excess of five years - I can’t exclude that the cumulative sentence will exceed five years.”