Fife needs to recruit more foster carers

Joanne Halsall
Joanne Halsall
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A recruitment drive has been launched by Fife Council’s social work service to encourage more people to consider fostering children.

An increasing number of children are in need of being looked after, and Fife is already experiencing a shortage of foster carers.

The ‘I do. We do. Could you foster for Fife?’ campaign aims to persuade more people to give a child a home.

Speaking at the launch, Councillor Judy Hamilton, executive spokesman for social work and health, said: “We are looking for people who have space in their lives, a room in their home and who can give a child a sense of security and stability.

“I believe children have the right to live in a family. If they are not able to live with their birth family, fostering can provide a positive alternative, either until they can return home or move to independence or adoption.”

Foster carers receive an allowance, support and training. They can be single, married, co-habiting, with or without their own children, renting or a homeowner, in work or not.

Joanne Halsall is a foster carer. She had always wanted to work with children but initially thought her family circumstances would prevent her from fostering.

Joanne said: “I was divorced and on my own with my son I didn’t think I’d be able to become a foster carer.

“It was difficult at first but it felt good just being there for the children and offering them a stable, loving home, which is all kids really want. The rewards certainly outweigh all the hard times.”

To find out more about fostering, contact Fife Council’s family placement team on 03451 55 55 55 470699 or visit