Fife pharmacies join fight to reduce wasted medicines

Wasted medicines cost NHS Fife �2m a year.
Wasted medicines cost NHS Fife �2m a year.
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NHS Fife Pharmacy is supporting the national campaign Let’s Talk Medicines.

It focuses on asking people to take a fresh look at their medicines and speak to their pharmacist or GP if they have any issues or problems or no longer need them.

Wasted medicines cost NHS Fife over £2 million a year. Pharmacists are experts in medicines, and with no need for an appointment and local pharmacies across Fife, there’s never been an easier way to manage your medicines or health on your doorstep,” said a spokesman.

“Healthcare is always changing, so it’s important to look at the medicines you are taking on a regular basis.  If you’ve been using the same repeat prescription for the while, maybe you’re not sure how effective it is or even if it’s still required.

“We would encourage you to take a fresh look at the medicines you are taking and talk to your pharmacist or GP if you have any questions.”

Some questions to consider are:

○Do you know what the medicine was prescribed for?

○Do you know how often you should be taking it?

○Have you experienced any side effects that you are worried about?

○Have you decided to stop taking certain medicines as you don’t think you need them anymore, but haven’t mentioned this to your pharmacist or GP?

Pharmacists can assist with questions concerning side effects, safety of medicines and suitable alternatives. Pharmacies are one of the most accessible forms of healthcare, with over 80 across Fife, and many having longer opening hours and weekend opening.

Services are free and confidentiality is assured,