Fife police support Campaign Against Violence Day

Police officers carried out patrols as part of Campaign Against Violence Day. Pic: Julie Bull
Police officers carried out patrols as part of Campaign Against Violence Day. Pic: Julie Bull

Police in Fife have praised the public and thanked them for their support as part of Campaign Against Violence Day.

As part of the event, extra officers from across Scotland and from back room functions were deployed onto Fife’s streets on Friday, December 18 to help local police provide a reassuring high-visibility presence throughout the main town centres of Dunfermline, Glenrothes, Leven and Kirkcaldy.

Fife Council community safety wardens patrolled alongside police officers and visited 133 licensed premises to ensure staff were aware of their licensing responsibilities and to promote information sharing with police in the event of any incidents occurring within their venue.

Known domestic abuse offenders were also targeted for bail checks and outstanding warrants acted on as part of the Police Scotland Festive Domestic Abuse campaign ‘Love Doesn’t Control’.

The multi-agency approach to public safety involved local policing teams working closely with, partners from the Dunfermline Safe Zone, ambulance staff, street pastors, the Neighbourhood Watch and the British Red Cross.

These agencies were able to offer vital assistance to anyone suffering the effects of excessive alcohol consumption or requiring an emergency accommodation for the night.

Additional resources were utilised throughout the weekend and these officers were used to investigate a serious assault in New Row, Dunfermline that happened in the early hours of Sunday, December 20.

A man was quickly arrested in connection with this incident and officers are currently supporting the family of the 21-year-old victim.

Fife Operations Superintendent Dougie Milton, who led the Campaign Against Violence deployment, said: “The extra officers drafted in from specialist areas across Police Scotland and the collaboration of our partners in Fife Council and the other emergency services meant that we were successful in anticipating and preventing violence in many known hotspots.

“Where incidents of violence did occur, we were robust in our response and sent a clear message that violence will not be tolerated in Fife.

“We also made it known that there is no hiding place for those who commit domestic abuse offences and that we are committed to providing victims with all the necessary support they require.

“I would like to thank all of those involved in the weekend’s CAV activity and look forward to working with these individuals and organisations again during future operations and campaigns.”