Fife pre-schoolers beat the litter louts to reclaim woodland

Ladybird Nursery beat the litter louts with clean upclean up. (Pic FPA).Fife
Ladybird Nursery beat the litter louts with clean upclean up. (Pic FPA).
Fife Ladybird Nursery beat the litter louts with clean upclean up. (Pic FPA).
Praise has been heaped on a group of pre-schoolers who have defied the litter louts to claim back a local woodland for their community.

Youngsters from Ladybird Nursery in Auchmuty, Glenrothes have been left fed up for some time with not being able to use an area of Warout Woods because of the amount of litter, discarded rubbish and broken glass.

But instead of simply bowing to those who have made the wood their dumping ground, the children, under the close supervision of Fife Council’s early years officers and the nursery’s eco-coordinator, have cleaned so it can be enjoyed once again.

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And their efforts have been praised by the ward councillor, who says the children are a credit to their community.

“As an alternative to abandoning the woods the children have cleared the area they use, not once, but twice,” said Cllr Ross Vettraino.

“Given the age of the children, who are true eco-warriors, I think that there work represents a remarkable contribution towards the environment and sets an example for us all to follow.”

Following the children’s successful clean up, Cllr Vettraino contacted the Woodland Trust, which owns Warout Woods , to discuss its obligations in the responsible management of the area.

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“The Trust say that the woods are leased to the Greenbelt Company, which is fully responsible for all management and issues arising,” explained Cllr Vettraino.

“I have since said to the Trust that the position it has taken is not at all acceptable to me and that it has a duty to ensure that the terms of any lease include an appropriate obligation on the part of the lessees to control litter and other debris.”

The councillor since received confirmation from Greenbelt that it has agreed to clear and maintain a designated area which the nursery currently use.

“Warout Woods in Glenrothes, in common with many other woodland throughout the country, enhance the local environment and offer opportunities for us all to enjoy and benefit from the natural environment,” added the councillor. “It is sad, because of the litter and other unsafe items, the part of the woods used by the children had become unsafe,”