Fife’s online star with an audience of millions

Online star LJ Cleave has over a million followers and produces videos from her Fife home.
Online star LJ Cleave has over a million followers and produces videos from her Fife home.

Her online videos have over a million followers and have attacted over 108 million ‘likes’ in just 16 months, and they all come from her home in Fife.

LJ Cleave is a bonafide internet superstar among her fans not only in her native Scotland, but across the globe, so much so that she is regularly being stopped in the street by teenage fans to chat and sign an autograph.

What started as a bit of fun has quickly blossomed into an ever expanding repertoire of dance, comedy, and singing which has catapulted the 23-year old from Forth Park in Kirkcaldy into youngsters’ homes around the world.

“I love what I do but when you stop and think of the numbers and the size of the audience then it’s pretty insane,” LJ told the Press.

Asked why she is proving so successful amongst her core audience of 12-17-year-old girls, LJ puts it down to offering something a little more original and with a Scottish slant, to the many others who now regularly post their videos and other material on the popular social media app

“First and foremost it’s all about being positive,” LJ explains.

“Teenagers have a lot of things to deal with and my tag line is ‘individuality is the key to happiness’ which seems to get through to my audience.

“There’s a positive message in all of what I do and a lot of that is drawn from my own experiences.

“I do Scottish dialect videos and have a regular slot called ‘Bad Jokes With LJ’ which attracts a lot of attention.”

Broadcasting from Kirkcaldy, LJ regularly attracts more that 100,000 people to her live videos and has even built a studio in her home to further enhance her output.

And so successful has she become that LJ was earlier this year invited to join a tour of similar acts in America, which took her to New York and Boston.

“America was incredible, I didn’t think anyone would know me as I was coming over from the UK but I was astounded by the level of support and people out there that follow what I do,” she said.

LJ’s success has attracted more attention with the people behind the platform making her a representative for the app because of her huge following, helping her to promote her output to an even wider audience.

And LJ is soon to embark on a UK tour which will allow her fans closer to home to meet the video star in person.

“I can’t wait to get out on the road, I’m very excited about it,” she said.

As for the future, LJ hopes to continue her message of kindness and individuality and is also hoping to get in the recording studio to produce some music some time soon.

“The last 18 months have been a blast and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”