Fife says NO - and its result saves the union

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Fife has said no to independence for Scotland - and the Kingdom’s vote also secured the result that saved the union.

As dawn broke on Friday morning, the region’s decision was finally revealed, some two hours after the anticipated 4.00 a.m. declaration.

Fifers turned out in huge numbers to take part in the historic referendum - turnout was a remarkable 84.1%

And as the clock slipped past 6.00 a.m., Steve Grimmond, Chief Counting Officer finally confirmed the numbers:

Votes cast 254,162;

No 139,788;

Yes 114,1487.

The result formally secured victory for Better Together and ensured the Union continued.

It also brought the curtain down on a remarkable campaign which has re-energised politics in Scotland.

Polling stations were packed all day long with turnout nudging over 90% in some parts of Glenrothes - figures unheard of for generations.

BBC had hinted Fife could be the barometer for the Scottish result. In the end it was the one which delivered the final verdict - albeit one yet to be formally tallied up as the country waits on the final few declarations to be made later today (Friday).

Lindsay Roy MP for Glenrothes hailed it as ‘‘an incredible night.’’

He said: ‘‘We were confident because of the groundwork we had done in the constituencies, but we took nothing for granted.’’

He said the Better Together campaign had done ‘‘exceptionally well considering momentum had appeared to go to Yes’’ and singled out Gordon Brown MP for his return to frontline politics to take a crucial role in the push for a no vote.

He said the Kirkcaldy MP’s leadership ‘‘helped turned the day’’ for the union campaign.

For the Yes campaign, Councillor Peter Grant, SNP, highlighted a good campaign from Yes which he was proud of, but he added: ‘‘Politicians have to realise that politics in this country have changed.’’

For the Lib Dems, Councillor Susan Leslie said it was ‘‘a huge relief we remained united.’’

>> More analysis of the result, Fife’s remarkable role in it -and reaction and from local campaigners online at across Friday and the weekend.