Fife school puts safety first with pupils’ travel plan

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A north east Fife school has launched a travel plan in a bid to make the nearby roads safer for their pupils.

Ladybank Primary School’s new plan has identified a number of key issues it is now working to address, making the routes safer and easier to navigate.

However, the main issue is the use of Church Street, which is the main road to the school.

It is now asking parents and visitors to park further away from the front gates to make it easier for the children to see when crossing the road.

The other concern is the speed some drivers are going at when using the narrow 20mph street.

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At a presentation last week, Lesley O’Brien, headteacher, explained the scheme to the children and guests, community constable PC Phil Parker and community council chairman, Kevin McDaid.

The school also unveiled a new banner which has bnne designed by the pupils, and will hang outside the school.

“The main concern we have is the parking right outside of the school,” explained Ms O’Brien.

“At times the speed can be a concern.

“We’ll also be asking parents to leave the area in front of the school clear so the children have a clearer view when crossing.

“The plan is about working together. It’s about encouraging as many children as possible to be active when coming to school.

“We’ll encourage children who need to get lifts to be dropped off at a safe distance.

“I know the community has the children’s safety in their hearts – we do to.

“If we work together we can make sure the kids are coming to and from the school as safely as possible.”

The school has the support of Ladybank’s community council.

Mr McDaid said: “We’re trying to build the relationship between the school and the community council, and I’ll bring things I learn from here to the group.

“We’re trying to make sure we’re aware of what the school is doing.

“The plan gives us an insight into what is happening here. If we can work with the school, that’s what we’ll do.”