Fife seeks views on counterfeit products

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FIFERS are being asked for their opinions on the buying of fake, counterfeit products.

The Fake Free Fife campaign was launched to raise awareness of the problem of counterfeiting, to make people aware of its consequences and what Fife Council, Fife Police and industry funded bodies like the Federation Against Copyright Theft and the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, are doing to fight it.

The council’s trading standards team has launched a public consultation to find out what Fife residents think about buying fake goods.

It’s asking if you have ever bought fake goods, knowingly or otherwise, and what your attitude towards counterfeiting is.

Fair trading officer, Richard Howes said: “There is a serious side to counterfeiting.

“By purchasing cheap copied goods, ranging from DVDs and vodka to premium price designer clothing, consumers probably don’t realise that they could be lining the pockets of organised criminals.

“We want to find out how Fifers are affected by this illegal market.”