Fife to fight the fake and the phoney

Counterfeit campaign in Fife
Counterfeit campaign in Fife

IS that a genuine Gucci, a verifiable Versace or a real Rolex that you’re sporting? Or do you really care?

That’s what Fife Council wants to know.

Its fair trading team is to launch an online public consultation to find out what the region’s residents really think about buying counterfeit goods.

As part of the Fake Free Fife 2012 campaign, Fifers are being asked whether they have ever purchased fake goods, either knowingly or otherwise, and what their attitudes towards counterfeiting are.

Fife Council’s fair trading officer, Richard Howes, said: “By gaining knowledge of people’s experience relating to the purchase and sale of counterfeit products, we can see how they are affected by this illegal market and this, in turn, can help inform our awareness campaign.

“Having an insight into what public perceptions and attitudes towards counterfeiting currently are will help us establish a starting point if we need to increase efforts to change attitudes and opinion.”

The Fake Free Fife 2012 campaign aims to raise awareness of the ongoing problem of counterfeiting, to make people aware of the consequences of it, and what Fife Council, in partnership with other enforcement bodies such as Fife Police and industry funded bodies such the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (A-CG), are doing to combat the issue.

To take part in the online consultation, go to

If you have any information regarding counterfeiting or wish further information contact the Fair Trading Team of Enterprise, Planning and Protective Services on 01592 583141 and you will be passed to the duty officer.