Fife Tory turbine concerns


MEMBERS of the Fife Conservative Party have raised concerns about the “proliferation” of wind farm applications sprouting across the Kingdom.

Councillors Ron Caird and Roger Guy introduced a motion at the last meeting of Fife Council before May’s election detailing their objections to applications which contain units up to 120 metres tall on prominent hill tops.

Their motion was backed by Councillor Mike Scott-Hayward, of UKIP.

Cllr Scott-Hayward said: “I have argued this for a long time and am pleased now to see, at last, that other coal-face politicians are waking up to the issue.

“Struan Stevenson MEP, and now the local Tories, have seen if you excuse the pun, the way the wind is blowing and are coming out against their own party policy.”

The councillors secured the support of Stop Proliferation Of Turbines (SPOT) Fife which wants care to be taken to ensure windfarms are sited so that adverse effects on landscape is minimised.

The joint motion added: “We propose that a moratorium on windfarms in Fife be introduced to allow for a full forensic assessment, leading to a decision which will allay public concerns.”