Fife Weather: Are we set for a mini-heatwave next week?

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It may seem unlikely after the dismally cold winter we’re still battling through, but it could be ‘taps aff’ next week.

While temperatures right now are well below average for this time of year, forecasts say that Fife could be knocking on the door of 20 degrees next week.

With cold a dreary conditions sinking to 6.5 degrees today, it appears that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

But starting this weekend, it’s going to get warmer at last and heading into the middle of next week it could get hotter still.

Sarah Kent, Meterologist with the Met Office said Fife could expect much warmer weather next week.

Across Fife, the average maximum temperature for the time of year is about 11.5 degrees, but we could see temperatures into the high teens.

“It does look as though next week that we’ve got a big change in the weather type. We’ve had these easterly winds which have brought a lot of misty murk and low clouds.

“We lose that easterly-flow during the weekend, all that low cloud which has been coming out of the North Sea will no longer be able to plague Fife.

“With the winds gradually coming round from the south, it looks as though by Sunday we’ll have sunny spells and just the odd shower, and we could see 16 or 17 degrees.

“As we go through to next week, we keep the wind from the south with much milder, potentially much warmer air, and Monday could be around 17 degrees.

“Next week it’ll certainly be in the high teens for the first half of next week, so well-above average for the time of the year.”

Comparing today’s temperatures of around 6.5 degrees, next week’s 17 degrees will be most welcome in Fife.

Sarah says there is still some uncertanty arount the middle of next week due to a number of variables, but with some forecasters are already predicting highs of around 20 degrees over Wednesday and Thursday.