Fife weather fan Mark is in his element

Mark Vogan formerly of Buckhaven amateur weather man featured on BBC Scotland's Landward
Mark Vogan formerly of Buckhaven amateur weather man featured on BBC Scotland's Landward
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THE long-range forecast suggests a bright outlook ahead next week for amateur weather enthusiasts with spells in Fife.

Former Levenmouth man Mark Vogan, and fellow forecasters from Lochgelly, are to be featured next Friday in the BBC Scotland programme ‘Landward’.

Weather is, of course, a frequent topic of conversation among all of us.

Some, however, have taken quite a deep spare-time interest in our climate and its temperamental nature.

Mark, a former Buckhaven HIgh School pupil, lived in Leven and Kennoway in the 1990s when his father, David, was a leading figure in Buckhaven Baptist Church and the Salvation Army.

Thirty-year-old Mark works as a milk delivery driver with Graham’s Dairies, but also runs a subscription website, entitled, on which he provides weather predictions for Scotland, the UK and 

He gathers material through connections with colleagues, for which he is very grateful, and by studying a range of computer models.

These offer a range of views across different weather circumstances, changing several times a day, which enable him to make his forecasts.

Mark also does seasonal predictions and short, 
medium and long-range forecasts.

Weather experts are often criticised for getting it wrong, but, while he admitted it “went through phases”, Mark said his verdicts had proved reasonably accurate over recent months.

Mark told the Mail he developed something of an obsession with weather as a four-year-old.

He was living in London when the Great Storm of 1987 struck – and that triggered a passionate interest.

Keen to expand his knowledge, he made contact a few years ago with the BBC Scotland weather presenter Judith Ralston.

They discussed a few weather-related topics, and she recently got back in touch with Mark with some ideas for a news piece.

She spoke to him about where his interest in the weather came from and how he compiled his forecasts.

Mark has previously been featured on STV’s ‘Scotland Today’ programme and in the Daily Mail, but he was particularly happy with the latest small-screen exposure.

“I think it’s terrific, especially with a subscription-based website,” he said.

“You’re always looking for more people to see what you’re doing.”

The programme is also set to include a piece on the team behind

This site is run from Lochgelly and features live data streams and Fife forecasts.

‘Landward’ is due to air on BBC2 Scotland at 7 pm on Friday, May 31.