Fife weather: Primary schools to close on Monday

Primary schools are to close on Monday.Primary schools are to close on Monday.
Primary schools are to close on Monday.
Primary schools in Fife are to remain closed on Monday, after days of heavy snow and high winds.

Schools were closed on Wednesday, due to the red warning for snow which was issued by the Met Office.

Nursery schools are also closed, though no official statement has been made on the county’s high schools, However, according to a social media post by councillor Judy Hamilton indicates that high schools will be open.

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she said:L “The decision has been taken that all High Schools will open tomorrow.

“All Primary & Nursery Scools will remain closed.

“Announcement and further information from Emergency Planning imminent.”

A furhter statement on the council’s Twitter account said: “Very disappointed, despite huge efforts, we can’t reopen all schools tomorrow.

“All help yesterday and today much appreciated, will help to get schools back to normal asap. Still deciding on secondary schools - pupil safety first.”

So far communities across Fife have been rallying round to clear schools in their areas to help them open.

Updates to follow