Fife weather: Will we face heavy snow over Easter?

It has been reported that the Beast From the East is to make a return next week, with further heavy snow set to hit us.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 12:24 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd March 2018, 12:28 pm
Some tabloids have already gone to town on weather warnings.
Some tabloids have already gone to town on weather warnings.

After a small amount of snow last week, a number of national media outlets have reported a cold spell next week which they have branded The Beast From The East 3 (one tabloid even says it’s the fourth one).

The Met Office has confirmed that Fife will see a cold spell next week, which will indeed bring snow, but it won’t be quite as bad as the Red Warnings the Kingdom battled through earlier this month.

In fact, Fife may well see the worst of it, but it won’t be anywhere near the freezing temperatures seen a few weeks ago.
A Met Office spokesman said: “There is a colder spell coming next week, particularly in Fife, it’s more of an issue for Fife than most of the country.

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“We’ll get heavy rain coming through on Tuesday night, and because it’ll be based around a low pressure that’s in the southern half o the North Sea it will drawn in some air from the north east so that Tuesday into Wednesday there’s likely to be some snow.

“At that stage it’s likely to be over high ground, but potentially there could briefly some snow lower down. It’s unlikely to settle lower down as the ground’s quite warm and the days are getting longer.

“Where we do get some snow at the lower levels it’s unlikely to settle.

“But it’s to be reasonably long-lasting, so for about a week or so we’re expecting colder-than-average temperatures so there’ll be overnight frosts.

“There may be a few snow showers around in the week following Tuesday.

“Certainly in the first part it’ll be eastern Scotland that gets the worst of it.”