Fifers are satisfied with Council services

SATISFACTION with Council services is at an all time high according to the most recent residents’ survey results.

The findings of the 2011 poll went before councillors at the policy, finance and asset management committee on Thursday.

It showed that over 94 per cent of Fifers are satisfied with local authority services - up from just over 78 per cent in 2009.

The majority of people agreed the Council is making the Kingdom a better place to live and is listening and acting in the best interests of residents as well as spending money wisely.

Ronnie Hinds, Fife Council’s chief executive, said the results were hugely encouraging in light of recent tough economic and social challenges and an increasing demand for services.

He said: “Staff have to be congratulated for the way they have risen to the many challenges they’ve faced over the last few years.

“The pace of change within the organisation as we work to provide services in more efficient ways is increasing all the time. Our employees are continuing to improve the customer service they provide against this background.”

The survey involved face to face and door to door interviews with almost 1,500 locals, between November 21 and December 2, 2011.

According to the results, residents are now more satisfied than ever with their local areas with over 70 per cent describing themselves as ‘very’ satisfied.

People are also confident about the future for them and their families.

Around three-quarters of residents feel informed about local authority services that affect them personally and just over half agree they can influence Council decisions.

For those who made personal contact with the Council, 92 per cent felt they had been well treated by staff.

Mr Hinds continued: “Our customer service does appear to meet people’s needs. “However we need to work on our service delivery processes to make sure we are resolving enquiries to people’s satisfaction and that’s a big priority for us moving forward.”

He added: “We have already used these results to prioritise money for issues such as roads and footpaths, where residents are telling us they want to see greater improvement.”