Fifers at the heart of the Festival Fringe

Horse McDonald tells her story in 'Careful' (Pic: Walter Neilson)
Horse McDonald tells her story in 'Careful' (Pic: Walter Neilson)

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is massive – shows every hour of the day from breakfast right through until the wee sma’ hours of the morning.

And they take place in a bewildering variety of venues, some of which are easier to find than others.

Kevin McMahon mixes science and magic at the Fringe (Pic Colin Hattersley)

Kevin McMahon mixes science and magic at the Fringe (Pic Colin Hattersley)

Where to start?

Well, you could always begin your Fringe journey closer, to home.

The festival line-up includes a number of Fifers or shows developed in the Kingdom.

They cover music, comedy, magic and drama and we reckon they should all be on your list of ‘must see’ shows.

So, here’s our guide to Fifers at the Fringe.

Horse: Careful

Venue: Gilded Balloon at the Museum

From: August 7.30pm

She’s played live many times in the Kingdom, but the 2016 Fringe marks a new departure for Horse McDonald – a one woman show on her life growing up gay in the 70s and the times she has had, in the words of the show’s title, to be careful.

And it’s packed with her wonderful music.

Dean Martin Christmas Show

Venue: Greenside @ Nicholson Square (Venue 209)

From: August 15-20, 22-7 at 7.40 pm

A welcome return for the Kingdom Theatre Company’s show which moves from backstage to on-stage as Dean Martin welcomes Frank Sinatra to the recording of his traditional festive show. The songs? Classics, each and every one of ’em.

Rab Noakes

Venue: Acoustic Music Centre at St Bride’s (Venue 123)

August 14 at 8.00pm

A one of gig for one of Scotland’s finest singer-songwriters who still has so much to say.

He missed out on last year’s fringe, so brings this show which is based on well-received 2015 album ‘I’m Walking Here.’

Richard Pulsford: Phrases Ready

Venue: The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket (Venue 178)

From: August 5-7, 9-14, 16-21, 23-28 at 1.30pm

You like puns? Then you need to see the Pun-meister himself on stage

The man behind Mirth of the Forth, delivers a show choc full of pithy puns - no surprise really as he was runner-up in the UK pun championships this year.

What The Funk?

Venue: Greenside @ Nicholson Square (Venue 209)

From: August 5-13 at 7.40pm

The legendary Fife soulsters, Lights Out By Nine, take to the stage for this Kingdom Theatre Company production to tell the story of funk through the decades.

You’ll get a seat but expect to be up shaking your tailfeather for most of the hour!

Kevin Quantum: Illuminations

Venue: Gilded Balloon, Teviot Place (Venue 14)

From: Aug 3, 5-21, 23-29 at 4.30 pm

He was part of the That’s Fife comedy festival, and has only just finished running the Edinburgh International Magic Festival. Now the man from Rosyth has his own show where magic meets science, and he leaves you with a finale that’ll make you go ‘aah’.

Glasgow Girls

Venue: Assembly Hall (Venue 35)

From: August 4-8, 11-14, 16-21, 23-28 at 2.20pm

A magnificent show from Fife’s very own Cora Bissett – one that ought to be high up your ‘must see’ list.

It tells the true story of seven teenagers who launch into action after their schoolfriend and her family are forced from their home to be deported.

It’s a powerful drama with a stirring soundtrack.