Fifers caught up in chaos after plane bomb horror in Egypt

Linda Temple whose holiday to Sharm el-Sheikh was cancelled at the last minute
Linda Temple whose holiday to Sharm el-Sheikh was cancelled at the last minute

A Fife Council employee whose long-awaited trip to Sharm el Sheikh was cancelled the day before she and her partner were due to fly out says she is disappointed.

But Linda Temple from Burntisland said the upset of their plans were nothing when compared to the deaths of the 224 people who lost their lives on the Russian flight which is believed to have been blown up in an act of terrorism.

“At least we had the option to change our plans, but those poor people on that flight didn’t, and my heart goes out to their families,” she told the Press.

Linda, cultural partnerships and events strategy manager with Fife Council, said she had been really looking forward to her first two week break in over 20 years at the five-star Sensatori Resort overlooking the Red Sea.

All flights to the UK from the Egyptian resort were stopped last Wednesday after concerns a bomb may have caused a Russian flight from the resort to crash in the Sinai desert killing all 224 on board.

And Linda, who booked her holiday through Thomsons was only informed that she would not be flying out on the planned break last Saturday the day before she was due to leave.

“We had obviously booked our time off work, packed all our cases, booked the car into the airport car park and made all the arrangements and it was not until Friday that it said on the website that we would not be flying out,” she said.

“It was a big disappointment, because I have had a busy and stressful period at work recently and was really looking forward to having a full two weeks off to relax in the sun.

“Then we were told we wouldn’t be going.

“I was not worried about flying out as I have been in Sharm El Sheikh twice before and it is an absolutely beautiful place, and they are still sending out planes to bring people back home.

“We have managed to book another holiday in December to Tenerife, but it’s only for a week and that is costing the same as two in Egypt.

“However I know we are lucky and we are able to change our plans. I feel devastated for those who won’t be coming home and sorry for the people still stranded out in Sharm el Sheikh waiting to come home.”

A Burntisland man is believed to be among those still waiting to be flown home.

Government advice

On October 31, a flight from Sharm el Sheikh to St Petersburg crashed in North Sinai killing all 224 people.

An investigation is underway in line with international regulations. The UK government says there is a “significant possibility” that it was caused by an explosive device.

As a precautionary measure, it is advising against all but essential air travel to or from Sharm el Sheikh.