Fifers favourites, from hi-tech to low-cost

GHD straighteners are amongst Fifers' greatest things.
GHD straighteners are amongst Fifers' greatest things.

Hair straighteners and suitcases, Andy Murray and Super Mario Brothers, supermarkets and Facebook - these are a few of your favourite things.

Fifers have named the greatest things of the last 30 years – and in an eclectic list the World Wide Web has come out at number one. It’s top of a list that includes unsurprising technological advances, but also features Super Mario Brothers, William and Kate’s wedding, the smoking ban – and wheeled suitcases.

Andy Murray sits alongside Gordon Brown – who’s ahead of Alex Salmond – in the list, while Raith Rovers 1994 Scottish League Cup win comes in at number 24, ahead of Dunfermline reaching the 2004 Scottish Cup Final.

The survey reveals that technology dominates, with the World Wide Web, smartphones, iPods, online shopping, Google, text messaging, email and flat screen TVs named as among the top things from the past 30 years.

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the smoking ban, low cost airlines, supermarkets, and budget hotels all made Fifers’ list of the greatest things of the last 50 years.

Golf made just two entries into the chart - the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles and Tiger Woods Grand Slam at the 2000 Open at St Andrews at numbers 38 and 48 respectively.

Very specifically, GHD Straighteners appear in the list while Harry Potter at number 24, is ahead of his creator J K Rowling who enters the chart 20 places lower at 44.

Budget hotel Travelodge was behind the survey, and its spokesman Shakila Ahmed commented: “The last 30 years has seen a huge shift in the way we live our lives with technology in particular changing many things.

“The internet has certainly accelerated the growth of budget travel and made going away a key part of our modern lifestyle. The ease of being able to book online, but also researching where you are visiting and staying has made travelling a much smoother experience than it might have been before the 1980s.”

Your top 50 Greatest Things of the Last 50 years

1. World Wide Web

2. Google

3. Email

4. WiFi

5. Text messaging

6. Online shopping

7. iPod

8. Smartphones

9. Andy Murray winning Wimbledon

10. DVD

11. Digital cameras

12. iPhone

13. Berlin Wall coming down

14. 1997 referendum and Scotland Act

15. Prince William attends the University of St Andrews

16. Online banking

17. Microsoft Office

18. The Independence Referendum

19. iPad

20. Facebook

21. Glasgow Commonwealth Games

22. Super Mario Brothers

23. Digital TV

24. Harry Potter

25. Sir Chris Hoy and his six golds

26. Budget airlines

27. Raith Rovers win the Scottish League Cup in 1994

28. Gordon Brown

29. Sky+

30. Satellite navigation

31. Budget supermarkets

32. William & Kate’s wedding

33. The Smoking ban

34. Budget hotels

35. Sony Playstation

36. Dunfermline reach the 2004 Scottish Cup Final

37. eBay

38. 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles

39. Alex Salmond

40. YouTube

41. 2012 Olympics

42. Sunday opening hours

43. GHD Straighteners

44. JK Rowling

45. Online check-in

46. Price comparison websites

47. Tablet computers

48. 2000 British Open at St Andrew (Tiger Woods completes Grand Slam)

49. The Millennium

50. Usain Bolt