Fifers given vote on 2019 rent rise options

Councillor Judy Hamilton  (PIc: Fife Photo Agency)
Councillor Judy Hamilton (PIc: Fife Photo Agency)

Council tenants in Fife will have their say on how much they pay in rent next year – but their bills are still going up!.

They can take part in a new consultation which will then be put in front of councillors before their budget meeting in February.

It will pitch the option of three different rent rises between three and four per cent.

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Tenants can vote for their preferred choice – or come up with their own ideas.

The consultation will take place across December and January, and councillors have urged folk to get involved.

Councillor Judy Hamilton, convenor of community and housing service, said: “This is tenants’ money and it is absolutely essential that they are consulted and have the opportunity to decide how much they pay.

“I would ask tenants not to dismiss this, but to look through and fill in the response form. I really want to hear their views.”

Cllr Hamilton said rents had to go up “in order to maintain standards” and the three proposed increases were first pitched at tenants’ gatherings held over the summer.

#Cllr Hamilton admitted: “Although these were less well-attended than we would have liked, those who did attend have preferred a 3.5% increase in rents over a three year period.”