Fifers hit out against Trump

Pictured at the charity dinner, from left are: Maz Salim, Roger, Craig Brown, Ashar Salim and Amir Salim.
Pictured at the charity dinner, from left are: Maz Salim, Roger, Craig Brown, Ashar Salim and Amir Salim.

People from around Fife have united to show their support for the Kingdom’s Muslim communities in the wake of Donald Trump’s latest immigration policy.

Roger Mullin, Kirkcaldy MP, attended a charity dinner at Kirkcaldy’s new mosque in aid of homeless and vulnerable people in the town, while people in St Andrews staged a protest against the ruling on Monday evening.

The rally against Trump in St Andrews

The rally against Trump in St Andrews

Speaking out after the dinner, which was attended by Muslims from around the town and further afield, Mr Mullin voiced his disgust at Trump’s travel ban.

He said: “I was delighted to go along and support the charity banquet for the homeless and vulnerable on Sunday at Kirkcaldy Central Mosque.

“As Donald Trump’s vile discriminatory travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries attracts publicity, it’s good to support such peaceful and charitable folks working away in our community for the good of others, regardless of faith, race or origin.

“Trump’s message goes against the shared values of equality, tolerance and sanctuary for those in need that Scots are renowned for, and my visit to the local mosque on Sunday was a shining example of those values being demonstrated in my constituency.

“I couldn’t be prouder to see such compassionate work being done in my own community, particularly when there are messages of hate being perpetuated from across the Atlantic.”

Then on Monday night hundreds of people took to the streets of St Andrews to protest against President Trump’s immigration order which bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for a period of 90 days.

Carrying banners calling for an end to the ban imposed by the President, students and St Andreans gathered at the student union in St Marys Place.

The demo was organised by the St Andrews Socialist Party to “end Trump’s Muslim Ban!” and was “in solidarity with US protests against the racist and xenophobic ban on Muslims”.

Protesters called for the President’s state visit to the UK to be cancelled and for “Trump out of Scotland!”

Fairness, Racial Awareness and Equality Fife (FRAE), the organisation which provides help and support for ethnic groups settling in the Kingdom said: “President Trump has proven to many Muslims that their worst fears are true. He is not just building walls, he has demonstrated to be sexist and racist, and many feel this is only the beginning.

“This cannot be good for the world or the American people and the US’s international role. FRAE Fife which represents the diverse ethnic minority communities in Fife joins millions worldwide in calling for a stop to his policy of fear and to build platform of hope.”