Fifers kick up stink about dog mess

The figure of disatisfaction was higher than the Fife average.
The figure of disatisfaction was higher than the Fife average.

More than 60 per cent of Levenmouth residents are dissatisfied with how Fife Council deals with dog fouling, according to a latest survey.

The figure was revealed as part of the results of a parks, streets and open spaces performances review due before local councillors at Wednesday’s Levenmouth area committee.

The 60.5 per cent figure is higher than the Fife average of 45.8 per cent, despite complaint numbers dropping from 86 complaints in 2015/16 to 69 in 2016/17.

Eddie Young, of Leven Community Council, said he was not surprised with the level of dissatisfaction, but said: “I don’t think there is anything in particular that Fife Council can do to tackle dog fouling.”

He added: “The council has got a difficult job to deal with it.

“But people who let their dogs foul need to be shamed.”

Eddie described the level of dog fouling in Leven as “pretty bad”, saying: “It’s there no matter where you go.

“People just let their dogs do it anywhere.”

Other issues which proved to be a particular a bugbear for Levenmouth residents included fly tipping, and discarded chewing gum and cigarette butts.

However, locals felt Fife Council did a satisfactory job with other services, including the standard of street cleaning, the standard of grass cutting, and the number of floral beds and displays in the area.

Cllr Ross Vettraino, convener of the Environment, Protective Services and Community Safety Committee, said: “Fife is a beautiful region and the council’s teams work hard to help keep it that way.

“Dog fouling, however, continues to be a blight on our streets, parks, beaches, pitches and playing fields.

“This angers the majority of residents and responsible dog owners.”

Cllr Vettraino commented that the council’s environmental enforcement officers would continue to target environmental vandals and that its ‘Just Bin It’ campaign was working with the public to keep the streets clean.

He added: “The council will step up patrols in problem areas, but it’s an ongoing battle that impacts on us all and which doesn’t have to be.

“If dog fouling is an issue affecting your area please tell Fife Council exactly where and at what times the culprits are likely to be seen.”

He concluded: “Report it by emailing or phone 03451 550022. “Not clearing up after your dog, is punishable by a fine of £80.”