Fifers receiving fewer food waste bags

Households will receive fewer bags to use in their food waste caddies.
Households will receive fewer bags to use in their food waste caddies.

Fife Council is cutting the number of food waste bags it delivers to households.

Households will now be receive three rolls of food waste bags every 12 months for their food waste caddy. Each roll contains 25 bags per roll, which works out at about one and a half bags per week.

Ian Gallacher, development officer from Fife Council’s arms-length company, Resource Efficient Solutions LLP (RES), who deliver the food waste bags, said: “About half of the food waste bags provided to households currently are not being used to recycle food waste.

“This means that half of these bags are being wasted. Reducing the number of bags provided will reduce the number of wasted bags and will help to meet the wider savings Fife Council has to make in its budget.

“As an alternative, householders can use newspaper or paper bags to wrap food waste. Some food can be put into the brown bin loose, for example dry foods such as bread.

“Many shops stock compostable liners that can be used too, as long as they carry the compostable packaging logo. This means that the bag will compost in our Anaerobic Digestion Plant and make compost to be used locally.

“Please don’t use standard plastic bags to line your food caddy, as they are not compostable.

Mr Gallacher said food waste was a major problem, with Scottish households throwing away an average of £39 worth of food every month. He urged everyone to consider how they might be able to reduce their food waste.

“The best thing that can happen to food is that it makes it to our plates and is enjoyed,” he said. “Avoiding throwing out food that could have been eaten will save you money and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Households will receive information explaining the changes to this service at the same time as their next delivery of food waste bags.

According to Zero Waste Scotland, households in Scotland throw away 600,000 tonnes of food and drink every year, and most of this could have been eaten.

This waste costs Scots over £1 billion a year, or over £460 for the average household.

Households with five or more people, or an occupant with a medical condition that generates additional food waste, can request an extra roll (25 bags) every 12 months. If this applies to you, contact the Recycling Helpline on 03451 55 00 22.