Fifers ‘satisfied’ survey says

SATISFACTION with Fife Council services is at an all time high according to the most recent Residents’ Survey results carried out by the local authority.

Over 94% of Fifers are satisfied with council services – up from just over 78% in 2009. And the majority of people agree that the council is making Fife a better place to live, that it is listening and acting in the best interests of residents, and spending money wisely.

Fife Council’s Chief Executive Ronnie Hinds said the results were hugely encouraging particularly in light of recent tough economic and social challenges and an increasing demand for services.

He commented: “Staff have to be congratulated for the way they have risen to the many challenges they’ve faced over the last few years. The pace of change within the organisation as we work to provide services in different, more efficient ways is increasing all the time, and our employees are continuing to improve the customer service they provide against this background.”

Almost 1,500 residents took part in the survey.

According to the results Fife residents are now more satisfied than ever with their local areas with over 70% describing themselves as ‘very’ satisfied. People are also highly confident about the future for them and their families in Fife.