Fifers staying friends as they head out to vote

Campaigners from both sides of the debate have described an “amicable” atmosphere as Fifers head to the polling stations.

At Hayfield Community Centre a Yes campaigner said it had been “very busy” and reported no ill feeling from either camp.

Referendum update

Referendum update

“We’ve been laughing and joking with the No side all day,” he said.

“The atmosphere has been really good.”

At Pathhead Primary School Labour Councillor and No campaigner Kay Carrington reported a similar friendly atmosphere, with a few exceptions.

“There’s been a few unpleasant hand signals from drivers going past,” she said, “but we’re standing so close together we don’t know who they’re aimed at!”

Cllr Carrington reported that at just after 2.30 p.m. over 50 per cent of voters registered at the Pathhead polling station had already voted taking into account postal votes.

“That’s heartening to see” she said.

“We’ve seen lots of young people coming in and the staff have told us that they’ve had older people in and they’ve had to show them what to do, they’ve literally never voted before.”

“No matter what side you’re voting for, such a high turn out is great for democracy,”