Fifers urged to report sightings of ‘Big Cats’

Creatures similar to this could be roaming north east Fife
Creatures similar to this could be roaming north east Fife

PEOPLE in north east Fife are being urged to be on the lookout for big cats next weekend following a record number of sightings in the area.

The research group Big Cats in Britain is organising a national Big Cat Watch weekend for August 24, 25 and 26 and wants to hear from local people who’ve spotted the mysterious felines.

The creatures have been spotted on a regular basis in north east Fife over the past few years, especially in the Kilmany area.

They are invariably described as resembling a panther and about the size of a labrador, with a tail some four feet long.

Over the past two weeks, however, they appear to be becoming braver, with a sighting just outside Ceres and even near Castlehill Primary School in Cupar.

Big Cats in Britain has received more than 170 reports of big cats or big cat related activity across the country this year - but a spokesman said that the weekend would produce something ‘positive and substantial’.

“We are always searching for that elusive hard evidence,” he said.

“Our aim is for people to choose an area local to them with a history of big cat sightings and observe the area for signs of big cat activity.

“We are hoping to get a clear picture of one of these mystery felines, definite paw prints, and any definite signs of activity that can be put down to a big cat without hesitation.

“Those taking part can be individuals or groups.

“We can have samples tested by DNA should we feel that the evidence is positive enough for testing.”

He continued: “As a group BCIB have conducted many vigils in the past all over the country with varying rates of success.

“A combined national effort may produce the evidence we have been looking for.

“We already have around 70 remote trail cameras placed in various locations throughout Britain.”

To register and take part in the event, visit and complete the simple registration form. BCIB will then send out report forms specially designed for the weekend.

n Have you seen a big cat in north east Fife? If so, get in touch with us either by phone, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.