Fifers woken by low helicopters at 4am

The helicopters have been busy over Fife recently
The helicopters have been busy over Fife recently

Fifers have again reported being woken up by low-flying military helicopters in the early hours.

Residents were woken at around 4am when the vehicles, thought to be chinooks, came in low over central Kirkcaldy today.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said it was co slose it sounded like a plane was about to crash into her home.

“I got such a fright, it sounded as though a plane was crashing. I jumped out of bed to see what was going on.

“I looked out of my window to see it going over the houses nearby. My husband said it was a chinook.

“I know they’re still doing military exercises, but why does it have to be so low over a residential area and so late at night?

“It was right above the house.”

Joyce Curry said: “It woke me up. I thought the flats were coming down, even my cats got scared and ran for cover.”

Kate Mcdonald said: “Two flew over Dalgety Bay at the weekend in the evening.

“At least one helicopter flew over at 4am this morning, I didn’t get up to check how many but it/they sounded very, very low, much lower than the ones at the weekend, which were probably about 200/250 feet up.

“Wish now that I had looked out! But I did look at the clock to check the time.

“I suppose they will be finishing their exercise soon!”

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The MoD is conducting a ‘medium-sized’ exercise in September, which will involve Leuchars and the Forth island of Inchcolm, along with Gin Head Radar station in North Berwick and Glen Clova in Angus.

They are scheduled to end on Saturday, September 21.

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