Final meeting as Kirkcaldy festival team stands down

Zumba at the 2012 event
Zumba at the 2012 event

A meeting will take place next week to wind up the committee which ran the popular Beveridge Park Festival.

Last year’s tenth anniversary event was the final one after increasing costs and onerous legislation made it too difficult for its band of volunteers to continue.

The committee, led by Liz Easton from Kirkcaldy YMCA took the difficult decision to call it a day.

The festival started out with a three-day programme which included an afternoon session for young bands to perform in the park, but was eventually reduced to just one day in 2013 after it became too difficult to administer.

Next week a meeting of the committee will take place at Linton Lane Centre to wind up the committee of eight at the helm for the past decade.

Les Soper, the event’s co-ordinator, explained: “The eight or so of us have been doing this voluntarily for 10 years and we all have other commitments.

“It is a lot of work for so few people and with the rising costs it was proving more difficult, so sadly last year we decided to call it a day.

‘‘We would be delighted if another group wanted to take it on and would be happy to help them.”

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of the Kirkcaldy area committee, said: “I have very strong views about the value of local galas and 
community events which foster community spirit and bring people together.”

“Beveridge Park is an ideal venue for any events, and discussions are ongoing with a view to having some kind of community event in the park this summer, albeit not a festival.

‘‘I would be supportive of a family fun day in the park to complement our existing community galas.”