Fire crews battle to contain pallet blaze

Crews fight the blaze at Alder Pallet Company in Cable Road,Viewfield.
Crews fight the blaze at Alder Pallet Company in Cable Road,Viewfield.

A FIRE at a Glenrothes pallet company took two fire crews using three pumps to bring under control reports, NEIL HENDERSON.

The Fire and rescue teams were called to the blaze at Craig Elder Pallets, Cable Road, Viewfield at about 11.15am last Wednesday, May 16 following an emergency call from panic stricken staff at the yard.

The blaze, which is understood to have destroyed more than 500 wooden pallets which were being stored on the yard took fire crews around 30 minutes to bring under complete control.

A storage container and fencing was also destroyed as the fire swept through the site.

The blaze is understood to have started when a rubbish fire got out of control.

The company owner, Craig Elder, who was away from the site when the blaze took hold, explained what he saw on his return: “I was returning from a dentists appointment when I go the call from staff, the fire had taken full hold by the time I got back.

“We attempted to move away from the immediate blaze as many stacks of pallets as we could but the yard was fully alight by the time the firemen got here.

“It’s a good job the wind wasn’t blowing in the direction of the offices otherwise the whole site including the office buildings would have gone up in the inferno.

“I’m just thankful that nobody was injured in the fire.

Eye witness Andy Brown described what he saw: “It was fully alight for a good while before fire crews arrived with thick black smoke bellowing across the road.”

Fire crews also worked swiftly to stop the blaze from spreading to adjoining yards.

A fire chief at the scene said: “There was a concern that the blaze would spread to the neighbouring coal yard (Forsyth and Sons) as the boundary fence and a container were alight when we arrived.

“That part of the blaze was quickly tackled to stop any spread followed by a process of damping down the immediate site to ensure there was no further danger.”