Fire incidents down despite summer blip

Reduction in deliberate fire setting incidents.
Reduction in deliberate fire setting incidents.

Glenrothes has never been safer from the threat of fire - that’s the underlying message in a performance report to be put before councillors today (Wednesday).

A six-month fire service performance review will tell members of the town’s Area Committee that once again there has been no fire-related deaths in the town in the period from April 2014 to September 2014, confirming there had been no fatalities for the same period over the last five years.

Graham Arnott, manager of the Glenrothes fire station will also report that the region has seen a five per cent fall in the number of deliberate fire setting incidents - 93 in total across the three wards - despite the town suffering a spate of deliberate wheelie bin fires during the summer months.

A sharp reduction in deliberate fire incidents in ward 15 Glenrothes north, Leslie and Markinch was counteracted by a more than double increase (45 in total) which included a spate of 34 bin fires.

The recent spate of malicious car and garage fires that plagued the town, for which an 18-year-old man has now been charged, fall outside this most recent report.

Mr Arnott said the drive to increase the number of home safety visits across the town has been met with a total of 562 safety inspections carried out in the six months to September.

“Prevention and minimising the threat of fire where ever possible is one of our ongoing objectives and we are seeing positive results from that,” said Mr Arnott.