First ever film festival in Kirkcaldy

'Sunset Boulevard' still
'Sunset Boulevard' still

Adam Smith Theatre to be centre stage for event

Kirkcaldy is set to host its first ever film festival next month.The town’s Adam Smith Theatre will be centre stage for the three day event, which offers a diverse range of films and events.

With something for all ages, it is hoped this year’s inaugural festival could lay down the possibility of an annual event in Kirkcaldy’s cultural calendar.

Among the programme for 2013 are film premieres, special guests, new films and some classics.

And organisers hope people will embrace the festival and provide feedback on what they would like to see in future years.

Artistic director, Alan Morrison, is excited about what the festival, which is produced by ON at Fife, has to offer the people of Kirkcaldy and the surrounding area.

Alan, who is Group Arts Editor at The Herald and Evening Times and has a career spanning over 20 years in film journalism, said: “It’s been a hoot and a delight.

“We have tried to give a distinctive feeling to each of the days.

“But one thing we’re wanting to do is get feedback from people coming to see things, and from those who haven’t seen them, to find out what kind of festival they want to help us develop it in future.

“The Friday is very much about new films and premieres and things that haven’t been screened in Kirkcaldy or anywhere else before.

“Austenland has indie credentials in that it was screened at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

“Our main film is by Richard Jobson. It’s the first screening of ‘Wayland’s Song’ in the UK.

“He was born in a Kirkcaldy hospital, grew up not far from here and has gone on in recent years to build up a reputation as one of the UK’s most independent film makers.

“These things we wanted to do on the first day to say, ‘here’s a new festival but look, we can secure things that haven’t been screened anywhere else in the country’.

“The second day is more looking at the past.

“1950 was a year in Kirkcaldy where one of the wonderful cinemas closed down, it was a transition year for cinema in Kirkcaldy but there were many good films produced that year too.”

Planned for the Saturday is an old style kids’ matinee of the Disney live action version of ‘Treasure Island’.

“In the afternoon we have some archive footage from Kirkcaldy itself on film,” continued Alan.

“That reflection of it on the big screen is important in the identity of any town.

“At the end of the day we’re going to have an old-style red carpet cinema event of the all-time classic ‘Sunset Boulevard’. It’s an old film but we have it in new digital technology, so it will look almost better and cleaner than it did when it came out itself in 1950.”

The Sunday will be a day celebrating Kirkcaldy and Dysart’s trading history, with three international films lined up.

But the festival is not just about film screenings.

There’s also a film blogging event and Richard Jobson will be appearing for a question and answer session.

Alan explained: “I always feel that if you can get film makers there, or someone audiences can ask questions to, it feels less like your ordinary trip to the cinema and feels part of a festival.

“I think it’s important to let people have the direct access to ask the questions they want to ask.”

If this year’s Kirkcaldy Film Festival is a success, it could become a regular event in the Lang Toun.

Alan added: “I think we’d like to make sure we get funding in place to do it next year and ideally expand from three days to a full week.

“When we sat down it wasn’t that we were scraping round for ideas; we had to work out what do we have to throw away as we had too many to fit in. I’d like it to start to embrace and bring other people in the arts scene in Fife together and reflect some of the great arts from the area.”


Friday, September 20

The Great Gatsby (12A)

Film blogging workshop

Scottish premiere

of Austenland (U)

UK premiere of Wayland’s

Song, plus a Q&A with

Richard Jobson

The Skids Live 2010

Saturday, September 21

Treasure Island (PG)

Kirkcaldy at the Movies

Sunset Boulevard (PG)

Sunday, September 22

Russian Ark (U)

Antonia’s Line (15)

Call Girl (18)

Tickets are now on sale from the Adam Smith Theatre box office.

A festival pass and early bird deals are available.