First steps to a new look at St Andrews’ Grange House

Brian Thomson at Grange House, St Andrews, after complaints of vandalism. House and estate to be converted into hotel/timeshares.
Brian Thomson at Grange House, St Andrews, after complaints of vandalism. House and estate to be converted into hotel/timeshares.

Work could start within months to develop Grange House, on the outskirts of St Andrews into a luxury hotel and timeshare complex.

Roddy Paul, of James Paul Associates who act for property owners C&L Properties, confirmed this week that legal processes were under way and he was “hoping to start within months.”

There is an 18 month construction programme for the development.

He explained: “There was a delay because of the general economy, but they are now actively pursuing the redevelopment of the site.”

The news will come as a relief to St Andreans who have watched the building deteriorate through continued vandalism at the secluded site just off Grange Road.

Damage reached such a level that this week local councillor Brian Thomson contacted the developers to try to get improvements made to security measures at Grange House.

“I was recently contacted by a constituent, who reported that youths frequent the property, and that they often throw bricks and stones from the property onto Grange Road,” he told the Citizen.

He added: “Given the concerns, I have written to the company that I understand owns the property, asking if more robust security measures could be considered, and if clarification could be provided on its intentions for the property.”

Councillr Thomson said he had also had reports of logs, barbed wire and even scarecrows from a nearby field, scattered on Grange Road.

“It appears the unsecure nature of the property is attracting youths.”

He continued: “The building had previously been made secure on several occasions, both by the owner and by Fife Council, only for parties unknown to continually remove the plywood shutters, and enter the premises.

“Discussions with the owner, with a view to providing a more robust solution in respect of blocking all points of entry to the building have taken place, and potential measures included metal shutters and brick or blockwork options.”

Mr Paul confirmed: “There is a vandalism problem – we have already made the house secure three or four times.

“We continually make it safe, but it is continually vandalised.”

The development will include a 62-room hotel based in an extended Grange House along with several timeshare properties on the site.

The house has been empt for several years.

Rumours circulating in St Andrews that the house was to be demolished were also denied by Mr Paul.

“No application to that effect has been lodged,” he said, and reiterated that the developers were working with Fife Council over the vandalism.