Fisheries Museum trawls for lost ‘souls’

Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther
Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther

STORIES of ghosts and ghouls often sound like old fishwives’ tales so where better to blast that theory out of the water than the Scottish Fisheries Museum.

The Anstruther museum complex, which includes the 16th century Abbot’s lodging and an 18th century merchant’s house, is holding a one off paranormal night to find what is lurking in its warren of historic buildings.

This Saturday, those brave enough are invited to join an experienced paranormal investigation team to take a walk around the building, which was opened in 1969.

Organisers of the night say they will make use of a variety of ghost hunting gadgets throughout the experience, which runs from 9pm-3am.

A spokesman added: “The aim is to allow our medium to channel information from the spirit realm and give information on any spiritual presences.

“The event will include various vigils and experiments which everyone will have the opportunity to participate in. These will include filmed vigils, trigger object experiments and EVP {electronic voice phenomena} experiments.”

Set around a cobbled courtyard, staff claim to have witnessed stones being thrown as well as a figure appearing inside one of the boats within the museum. Very sharp temperature fluctuations, bad feelings in certain areas, a strong smell of pipe smoke and one staff member experiencing her chair being shaken when nobody was near have also occurred.

It is even said that when a pair of old boots were once removed from the cottage a series of strange events took place, only stopping when the boots were returned.

For more information call Ghost Events Scotland on 07512 248996.