Five months to fix a door

Alexander Henderson has been waiting on a door repair since June
Alexander Henderson has been waiting on a door repair since June

A Fife Council tenant has said that a five month delay in fixing a front door has left him concerned for his own safety.

The front door to Alexander Henderson’s flat in Dunearn Drive was damaged during an attempted break in towards the end of June.

Despite Mr Henderson reporting the incident to Fife Council straight away, the door still remains damaged and insecure.

Mr Henderson says he and his fiancée, Gillian Aiton, now feel unsafe in their own home.

“What we’ve been told most recently is that they can’t give us a date for when the repairs will be done,” he said.

“They said there’s a backlog on making doors.

“All that is securing the door now is two slide bolts, with the screws secured from the front of the door. It’s not safe at all.”

Miss Aiton is currently in hospital as she suffers from diabetes and kidney problems.

Mr Henderson, who acts as Miss Aiton’s full-time carer says that the stress and worry over the condition of the front door is making her condition worse.

“She says she is scared to come home because of all of this,” he said.

“We always have to make sure that there is someone in the flat with her, because she doesn’t feel safe.

“At the moment she actually feels happier being out of the flat.”

Mr Henderson claims Fife Council gave a date of September 30 to repair the door but he said that no-one came on the day.

“I went to see about it and that’s when I was told that they can’t give me a definite date.

“They also said that it’s a special door, but I don’t see what’s so special about it.

“Surely a door is just a door?”

Fife Council apologises...

After being contacted by the Press a spokesman for Fife Council has confirmed that Mr Henderson’s door is now scheduled to be repaired.

Andrew Wallace, area housing management lead, Fife Council, said: “The door has now been delivered and is set to be fitted by the end of this week.

“At Fife Council we aim to deliver a responsive service, and apologise for the delay in repairing this particular door and any inconvenience this may have caused.

“I can also confirm that there are no housing repair backlogs in Fife.”