Fix them plea as commuters are left in the dark at station

14 lights were reported to be out at Kirkcaldy Railway Station car park
14 lights were reported to be out at Kirkcaldy Railway Station car park
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Fife Council has come under fire from people using Kirkcaldy railway station’s car park who are returning at night to find their cars in darkness.

Commuters parking during the day are coming back in the evening to find sections of the station’s car park in darkness as the lights in the lamposts have stopped working.

At least 14 of the lamps in the Forth Park Avenue facility were found to be faulty last weekend, despite the council having been contacted at least 10 times regarding the situation.

Jim McIntyre, a regular user of the car park, said that the problem had been going on for at least three months and that it was a problem for commuters on dark nights.

He said: “For the past three months around 14 of the lamps have been unlit.

“Now, with the darker nights, it can be quite alarming for people coming off the evening or late trains and having to walk through a relatively unlit car park to get to their car.”

Mr McIntyre claimed he had reported the problem to the Council on numerous occasions but it had still not been rectified.

“This has been reported to Fife Council at least 10 to 12 times and nothing has happened,” he said.

“The situation was the same last Saturday night, in fact one or two more are now unlit.”

A spokesman for Fife Council apologised for the problem and gave assurances that the lights were in the process of being fixed.

Angus Carmichael, service manager, said: “We’d like to apologise for the delay in fixing these lights.

“The delay is longer than the timescale we normally work to but I can confirm a substantial amount of the bulbs were replaced last weekend and the remaining bulbs will be replaced as soon as we possibly can.”

He added: “At the moment we’ve got more on order and will have the remaining lights fixed in the next few weeks.”